Asian Bankers Association

The Asian Bankers Association (ABA) serves as a forum for advancing the cause of the banking industry and promoting regional economic cooperation. With some 60 members from 25 Asian countries, the ABA cuts across national boundaries to link bankers in the region.
Founded in 1981, the ABA provides a venue for an exchange of views and information on banking opportunities in the region; facilitating networking among bankers; and encouraging joint activities that would enhance its members’ role in servicing the financial needs of their respective economies and in promoting regional development. It holds annual meetings and conferences on issues of concern to the banking sector, with the view to broadening its members’ perspective on the situation and opportunities in the region.
Other activities include policy advocacy which includes issuance of position papers on current policy issues affecting the region’s banking sector; an information exchange program which consists of the publication of the monthly ABA Newsletter and the semi-annual Journal on Banking and Finance; cooperation with other regional bankers associations and multilateral organizations; and a professional development program which includes short-term visits to banking institutions in more advanced countries and training courses conducted by reputable event organizers.