Arvie De Vera

Arvie is the Co-Founder & CEO of UnionDigital Bank, the digital bank of Union Bank of the Philippines (UnionBank). Prior to this, he established the Fintech Group of UnionBank in 2016 which banked and enabled fintechs as well as pioneered industry firsts in blockchain use cases such as nationwide blockchain-based network i2i, stablecoin PHX, and Bonds.PH among others.

Arvie also championed open finance through UnionBank’s globally award-winning global API Marketplace and led the initiative which resulted in the creation of UnionBank’s fintech, UBX, where he also sits as Board Director and member of the Investment Committee.

Prior to joining UnionBank, Arvie’s experience spans industries such as banking, telecommunications, and media, with roles across product, sales, finance, strategic planning, and business development.