Shikha Johri

For multiple financial institutions, designed the agile operating model including key building blocks i.e. squad structure, resourcing, OKRs and re-defined key enablers such as Procurement, Budgeting and Recruitment
Digital strategy blueprint for leading BigTech across 20+ markets for financial services business including payments, BNPL, SME lending
Digital strategy for multiple banks including launch of digital challenger bank
Multiple projects in digital transformation of core financial institution processes
Digital cost allocation framework and analytics including digital value capture, cost transparency to support strategic decision making
Development of several digital native financial and non-financial products including customer needs analysis, user journeys, business case and MVP design e.g. virtual credit card, Retailer lending, Retailer VAS hub
Developed digital blueprint for SME SuperApp to drive 2X increase in customer base and support E2E needs for micro and small enterprises including lending, operations, training, e-commerce support etc.